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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tron Legacy Quickie Review!


Well this sucker finally came out, with a ridiculous number of people waiting in anticipation. 

The original Tron was a film done by Disney in 1982, signaling a new age were CGI and people could exist in the same movie. While being a commercial success, it also had a cult following that saw the TRON universe expand into multiple genres and brands.

This seemingly could only hold off the inevitable return of TRON to films. The recent trend of taking older films that were either popular or sold well and giving them the new and "improved" gritty feel doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. So long as Hollywood has no more ideas they'll just redo whats worked before, the best we can hope for is that competent directors and writers get to make these new iterations. And TRON LEGACY has got this in spades.

TRON LEGACY is a good film, I'll be the first one to say and defend that. This film draws you into the world of TRON and keeps you there. 


The film starts with an intro of characters, the main hero, and does a decent job of build up to the TRON factor of the film. Once the main hero gets into The Grid all hell breaks lose and the main plot is shown, and the story starts. 

The story isn't terrible amazing, but it keeps you with it by using the action and characters as a guide to the final destination. This is were the film shines, it doesn't beat you over the head with technical stuff, but still keeps you informed while letting you just enjoy the ride. 

That being said I had one major gripe with the film:

The "star" was barely involved with his own story! We get a flashback with him in it, and then he's the loyal drone of CLU for the rest of the movie, until he snaps at the end and helps the users from being taken out, then HE DIES


I understand that they wanted to make him a bad guy, but they didn't add enough character to this fallen hero, so by the time he died for the good guys, I felt nothing for his death. I was really confused and then disappointed, but I didn't think once "at least he did good in the end" like it feels like they were trying to tell you. Even a silent anti-hero like himself could be shown to have a conflict of personality leading up to his eventual return to his good side, rather than snapping so out out of the blue that I was temporarily taken out of the film.

The film is iconic, fast paced, and action packed. A great film with one thing that made me double take, but was quickly forgotten because I was focusing on all the amazing things going on screen.

If you are going to see this I highly recommend watching it in Imax! Daft Punk's songs shine so brilliantly with the greatest sound system you can get, and visuals are a delight as well!

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