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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Paul Mccartney on John Lennon

Paul McCartney Played on SNL tonight with Paul Rudd, now for those who don't know, John Lennon was murdered on December 8, 1980, and many are paying there respects and remembering John and his colleagues work, including Paul McCartney

Paul played a total of three songs on SNL last night, and they did not go off well at first. The first song, "Jet" by Paul had some serious audio issues, Paul was hard to hear, and to an even lesser extent the rest of the bands' singing. Their second song "Band on the Run" had a much better play, and sounded just as good coming from Paul now as it did when he first did the song.

By this time me and my dad were starting to worry there wasn't going to be any acknowledgment to John from Paul. Our assumptions didn't mean Paul had a duty to do if for us fans, but from one close friend to another, it seemed in bad taste to end this rare chance to celebrate and remember John live in front of millions. 

That fear quickly dissolved when Paul got to do a third and final song.

This was a mix of "A Day In The Life" that turned into "Give Peace a Chance". A fantastic live cross of songs that made me and my father smile with a nostalgia that hasn't taken place in a long time. Congratulations to all the cast of SNL and Paul McCartney for making a great night of and for John.

My dad's favorite quote from John is "Life is what happens while you're making plans". Hold on to the ones you love, cause they are what make life worth livin'.

Rest in Peace John, you deserve it

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